Unique Inspiration for Plastic Crafts as a Business Opportunity

It can be said that someone who likes even working in the business field is able to see the slightest opportunity. Crafts from plastic? Some people with a business spirit think that used bottles can be turned into a work with a high selling value. However, there needs to be a touch of creativity in order to be able to attract the attention of others to buy it. You can also start social entrepreneurship, by empowering the people of an area in helping your business projects. Check out the following inspiration for crafts from plastic and start building your own product.

1. Candy Stand by Home Dzine
There are many ways to decorate a room or kitchen equipment to make it look beautiful. Especially when there are certain events such as family birthdays, baby showers, holidays and others. One of them is by making this Candy Stand, you don’t need expensive food containers to provide snacks at home. Home Dzine made Candy Stand as a cute candy dish using only unused plastic bottles.

To make it, prepare a vinyl record that has been painted in advance with your favorite color. Glue some plastic bottles with hot glue, and arrange them however you want. You can also decorate with beads or glitter and your snack container is ready to use. In addition to this work, you can find simple plastic craft ideas such as kitchen lampshades. Visit the Home Dzine website to find unique inspiration and other DIY tips that you can try at home.